So, how did that operate out? Why is there now a lack of interest in gay marriage's "central role" to Kevin Rudd's campaign? And, why weren't voters suddenly galvanised?

The gay-marriage-is-a-vote-winner narrative was also reinforced by stacking opinion pieces. In a representative piece, Adam Pulford in the Drum ("Gay marriage is often a vote changer for young people" - 20 August, 2016): cheap cartier replica watches

Rudd committed to supporting a bill legalising same-sex marriage inside the first one hundred days with the new Parliament, really should Labor be re-elected. The ALP also subsequently launched their own 'It's Time for Marriage Equality' campaign to additional reach out for the electorate.

These are intelligent moves by Rudd and Labor, specifically to reengage and invigorate the youth vote - a powerful force in Australian politics.

Of course, stacking opinion pieces for same-sex marriage can also be a sign of editorial campaigning. It as well shows a lack of respect for intellectual diversity, specially inside a taxpayer-funded media context.

As critical readers, certainly we have the correct to ask our media organs to regularly present at least two sides to every debate. In truth, I demand fair journalism.

Specifically, I demand critical-thinking reports on so-called gay marriage polls And, I demand follow-up stories watch replicas , since devoid of them, the term journalism ethics suggests practically nothing.

"Rudd take on gay marriage pulls in voters," yelled one particular July 14, 2016 headline in the Age. As Dan Harrison and Chris Johnson uncritically :

Kevin Rudd's assistance for same-sex marriage could drastically lift Labor's vote [emphasis mine] inside the election, a new poll shows.

A survey of 1000 folks, performed by Galaxy Investigation for Australian Marriage Equality, found 30 per cent of voters could be much more probably to vote for Labor as a result of Mr Rudd's stance around the problem, although 19 per cent mentioned they would be significantly less probably to vote for Labor.


Australian Marriage Equality national director Rodney Croome mentioned the poll showed same-sex marriage may very well be a decisive concern within a tight election contest rolex replica submariner .

So how did that work out? Clearly, same-sex marriage didn't considerably lift Labor's vote, so was The Age merely echoing the false optimism of same-sex marriage lobbyists?

What's more, there were no follow-up pieces. Indeed, such propaganda pieces (and there are several) invite the query:Was same-sex marriage a decisive election issue?

Such propaganda approaches have been also utilized by SBS inside the campaigning piece, "Kevin Rudd launches gay marriage campaign," dated August 13, 2016. As Rhiannon Elston uncritically :

Gay marriage has taken a central part [emphasis mine] in Labor leader Kevin Rudd's bid to win the 2016 election high quality replica watches , with the launch of a new campaign aiming to galvanise voters who help the issue.

In a new YouTube video posted overnight, Mr Rudd acknowledged he has not usually been in support from the alter but stated he would assistance marriage good quality legislation within the initial 100 days of parliament if elected.

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